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We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.

t'ART online: September Edition
t'ART online: June Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.


Cait Creates

My name is Caitlin, I’m a 23 year old illustrator and designer based in Bristol. I started CaitCreates in 2018 whilst I was still in University studying for my Graphic Design degree. I now work in Marketing and run CaitCreates as my creative outlet on the side. My work is heavily inspired by the Expressionist movement and Swiss Design, and I concentrate on how I can capture those two eras, modernise them and combine them with my own unique style to create colourful and emotive pieces. I have recently opened my Etsy shop which sells A4 and A5 prints of both original pieces by me, and works featuring icons like David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Frida Khalo.



Etsy: Cait Creates by Caitlin

Instagram: @caitcreates_


Leslie J Adkins

Leslie J Adkins is a visual artist and art collector who lives and works in Topanga, CA. Originally from the Midwest, Leslie has spent the last 7 years reveling in the natural world and wonders of California.  As an avid outdoors person and a practicing yogi, Leslie has a deep relationship both with nature and her interior life. Her time in nature and her meditation practice also inform her artwork. She aims to create work that incites spiritual rumblings for the viewer that are beautiful, uncomfortable, and inspiring. Her focus, in particular, is on the interaction with BIPOC and elements of nature.

Instagram: @leslieadkins_art


Adam Lucy

My names Adam Lucy and I'm an autodidact London based queer mixed media Artist, Poet and Curator. I've been practicing for about 9 years now and art has become a way of life for me, it's also probably saved my life on a few occasions. My work deals with a number of themes, ranging from memory and impermanence, grief, social justice and most recently has been heavily influenced by the pandemic and the thoughts feelings and emotions it has brought forth. As a mixed media artist I'm forever trying new mediums to assist me with my visual storytelling. 


Art is life and life is art, I was chatting today to some of my collective and I requested when I die to be burnt like a viking on top of all of my work. The greatest expression of impermanence and one last performance piece!

Insta: @alucyart


Olivia Mae

My name is Olivia Mae and I live on the coast of North Carolina with my beautiful, ginger-haired husband. I’m currently finishing up my degree at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, majoring in Psychology and minoring in my real passion: studio art.

I’m very much in an exploratory phase regarding medium and my style. Just trying to build my skill level and find my niche. What I do know is that I absolutely love depicting people, so portraits are my thing! When I’m neither studying nor creating, I’m either singing, snoozing, or cuddling on the couch with my love, doing all of the above.

Insta: @ollie_mae_art

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