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Welcome to t'ART!

We make space for stories. Some of these stories are told with words and some are told with pictures and some are told with music. We like all of that.

We make space on paper. We run a printed magazine which we publish two editions of a year. We make space online. We host seasonal showcases on our website and promote the feature work via our Instagram account.

We make space in the real world through events that range from performance nights featuring drag, spoken word, music and more, to exhibitions and workshops. 

We make space for voices who don't get as much space as everybody else. Whilst we welcome work from everyone, we prioritise underrepresented voices such as LGBTQIA+ voices and voices of colour.


Illustration: Lucie Arnoux

Meet Us


Amelia Brown

  • Instagram

Amelia is a writer, theatre maker and wannabe illustrator who would do a lot for a margherita pizza.

coco j.jpg

Coco Jackson

  • Instagram

Coco is a writer, photographer and theatre maker who is very good at doing yoga at impressive times of the morning.


Riz Davis

  • Instagram

Riz is a theatre maker, writer and psychologist with a secret talent for hair cutting. (Please see Amelia's hair as an example)

Lucie A.png

Lucie Arnoux

  • Instagram

Lucie is an illustrator, mainly of comics but also of other things. She plays the cello in a folk-punk band which we think is very cool.

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