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t'ART online: January Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.



"Hello. My name is Dalila, but you can call me MONO. Blue is my obsession! I live in Milan and I have studied and worked as an architect, but I’m also a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I’m currently specialising in exhibition design too. I draw about ironic and awkward situations from everyday life, all in monochrome."




Josefine Aspvik

"My name is Josefine Aspvik, 24, (she/they) and i am a Berlin based queer illustrator from Finland. I have created an illustrational platform for unconventional queer beauties in order to break the toxic world of gender roles, norms and beauty standards as well as fighting to normalize mental health issues. My work is quite personal since I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and have suffered from the damage caused by prejudice against me for my gender expression and for simply not fitting into the norms of society and therefore i have dedicated my work to go against those norms illustration by illustration.

I'm very inspired by experimental clothing designers who make sure not to gender their clothing and people who wear their jewelry in an unconventional way."

Insta: @josefineaspvik


I Woke Up Last Night

By Lauren Carter

I’m a queer director, poet and playwright. My poem ‘I Woke Up Last night’ explores the nature of memory and the liberation of letting go. It’s also currently in production to be made into a short film.

Insta: @laurencarteer


In the nud

We are Jennifer and Frances, sisters and London-based freelance artists. Jennifer is a dresser, designer and illustrator, Frances an opera singer.

The two of us came up with the idea for in the nud during the global COVID-19 outbreak, as a way of continuing our creative outputs whilst in a national lockdown.

Jennifer's inspiration comes from weekly online life drawing classes, where she is able to let go of all inhibitions and celebrate the human form; Frances has temporarily swapped the stage for working behind the scenes as administrator and researcher for the project.

in the nud takes pride in exploring the vibrancy and beauty within each individual!

Insta: @inthe_nud


Janet Draws Shit

I'm Janet Draws Shit, a UK based digital illustrator. I started doing these drawings at the beginning of the lockdown to keep busy and it turned out to be something I really enjoy doing and other people seem to like what I'm doing to which is fab! I love drawing bodies that are hairy, have acne, scars and whatever else is seen to be an 'imperfection' as I think every body is unique and wonderful!  

Insta: @janetdrawsshitty