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We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.

t'ART online: Winter Showcase

Meredith Elliott

Meredith "M3R3D1T4" Elliott is a poet & spoken word artist, recently featured at Words & Verses, Fervor Festival, The National Poetry Library's Collectives Showcase and The Big Queer Poetry Show. Recognised most often as creator of "the LIST", Meredith organises spoken word events & publishes a monthly directory via their instagram platform @Speak.Easy.London ). They are currently immersing themselves in collaborations based on creative performance, workshops and curating. Meredith is a staunch believer in collaboration over competition and the healing properties of writing. 

Poetry and Art

Bethan T Vickers 


Bethan T Vickers is a Queer, London Based writer. Her poem ‘When I am Hurting, I Walk in the Park’ Is a look into how we lose ourselves and each other in the modern world. And how we might momentarily stitch ourselves back together with the thread of community glimpsed in dwindling public spaces. 

Instagram: @bethantv


Konrad Hellfeuer

I am a German photographer, illustrator and drafter. As such, I consider myself to be a conceptual artist who uses photography as a ‘new narrative’ with strong undertones to analogue art and film. I am guided only by the impulse to create, to express on that which is unseen or ignored. As a child I often visited my father in the museum where he worked as a restorer of artistic and cultural artifacts. I became intrigued with antiquity as a result of this, and of the paintings and photographs on display in the museum – leading me to explore visual art from a young age, and to communicate and storify on the odd, strange and unfamiliar. I would illustrate the small corners of my existence – those secret hiding places of childhood – and of objects lost or found. This led me into analogue photography – as an extension of this world building – and to seek out the outliers of society by fugitively capturing on those people and objects that are more commonly viewed as vagabond but were somehow beautiful to me. This is the how and why I came into art - by accident, through design of the accidental. Ultimately, I create work independent of prevailing trends but which are the continuum of my observations of life – a constant reorganisation of my mind, exhibited outwardly for the audience to see and experience for themselves.


Aimee Scanlon

UK based baby poet Aimee Scanlon has a BA in English Literature and works as a social media manager in Warwickshire. Her poetry explores women's issues, trauma and mental health. After spending a life pretending she wasn't a writer, she found her way to the page this year. 


Instagram handle: @goblinpoetry

'Goblin mode Lockdown ended and everyone declared living cool again, while I sat in the da

Yuan Changming


Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include 12 Pushcart nominations & 15 chapbooks, most recently Sinosaure (Redhawk Publications). Besides appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17), BestNewPoemsOnline, Poetry Daily and nearly 2,000 others, across 49 countries,  Yuan served on the jury, and was nominated, for Canada's National Magazine Awards (poetry category).

Instagram: @poetrypacific