t'ART online: May Edition

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Hi I’m chels and I’m a self taught digital illustrator. My wonky drawings usually consist of a doll-looking-gal, with a red and pink theme, a funky 70’s styled quote is often floating around as well! Through my art I like to interpret typography to feed myself the words I need to hear, in hope they’ll also reach someone who needs to hear them! I do also enjoy doing non-serious drawings, such as my recreation of chuckie from the rugrats (photo attached) as I love all the nostalgic vibes and get heavily inspired by things I attached myself to in my childhood. 

Insta @chelsillustrations_


Becky Davies

My name is Becky Davies and I’m a digital illustrator based in Aberystwyth Wales! My illustrations surround the themes of feminism, body positivity and just making women feel all round badass! I love to create little narratives through each illustration and let the art tell its story! 

Insta: @becky.davies.design



Ventika is a 26 year old artist currently based in Las Vegas, although originally from Denver. Her art focuses on empowering Black Women, Black Culture, & Body Inclusivity. She loves to incorporate fashion, bold color combinations, and a hint of nostalgic flair into her work. One day she plans to make a cartoon with all of her characters, as well as her own clothing/art business. You can find her on Instagram 

Insta: @itsventika



Hey! I’m Megan Barker, an artist currently based in Portsmouth, going by the name Megmayo. My art creates fictional characters and scenarios. Recently I have accepted that art needs no meaning. I create to ground myself and potentially others through a detached world of illogicalness. My only hope is that people find comfort in that and that is enough of a reason for me to continue doing what I’m doing. 

Insta: @megmayoillustrations

Legacy by Ankita Sharma

A writer and an artist, Ankita Sharma (She/her) resides in India. She has authored four titles. Her poems and stories have been published in various anthologies and lit mags including 3moonmag, BRAG, Versification, Green Ink Poetry, Micro Podcast, Sunnyg (radio show) and others. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international books. 

Insta: ankita.s.26 

Twitter: AnkitaSharma_26


Rag Doll Cookie

I am a freelance artist who specialises in animal and pet portraits, operating under the name ragdollcookie. I have a particular interest in the environmental side of animal life, so I have many pieces dedicated to endangered wildlife and the expression of their life and beauty. In this particular painting I wanted to express the natural world and the cycle of the seasons, not from our human perspective but through an animal's experience.

Website: ragdollcookie.com

Insta: @ragdollcookie


This too shall pass by Freek Wallagh

My name is Freek Wallagh, and I’m an Amsterdam-based poet, cultural organiser and activist. My work is mostly concerned with urban life, artistic communities and contemporary mythology. I try to find connections between age-old tales and issues of today, celebrating those who make our cities worth-while. 

This too shall pass” is a poem inspired by the Judeo-Persian folktale about king Salomon and his wisest advisor. They would engage in intellectual pissing-contests, eventually settling their score by searching for something which would always make the king happy. His advisor came back with a ring stating that "this too shall pass". All he would have to do from now on, was look down at his hand and remember that our struggles too are only temporary. This has led to the powerful mantra helping those suffering with addiction, depression and loss.


Insta: @freekwallagh  


The People's Paintbrush

“I’m a self taught queer artist. A lot of my art is me expressing my opinions on LGBTQ+ issues but I also do some mental health awareness pieces & quotes as well as 70s style music & film posters. But expecting anything as I have no particular style & I’m always open to suggestions or ideas!”

Insta: @thepeoplespaintbrush