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t'ART online: July Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.


Alice's Illustrations

My name is Alice, I am 23 years old and I am about to graduate in Product Design. Before starting university I received a classical education, and art was present in my life only on a theoretical level: I went to many exhibitions and browsed through catalogs on catalogs, but without ever picking up a pencil!

Since the pandemic started I felt the need to express myself, to change the way I see the world, and the only way I could think of was to start illustrating.

I bought an Ipad and started drawing. Art has become my filter for reality, my way of interpreting the world as I want: it relaxes me to know that, if I want it, there is only me, my iPad and what I imagine.

Art is my refuge, my safe place.

Lately I've started to mix my work as a product designer with illustrations. In the future I would like to design toys for children and the idea of trying to illustrate a book for the little ones is ever present in my head!

Insta: @alice_illustration.jpg



Hi there, my name's Millie and I am an Australian creative, currently living in Turkey. I'm obsessed with everything drag, colourful and crafty. My main obsession is drawing portraits of Drag Queens from around the world, but I also collaborate on custom portraits, make draft craft tutorial videos, design recycled cardboard earrings, paint, embroider felt books and write about my adventures living overseas. I know, I get overwhelmed too! When I'm not making things, I like to cuddle my foster cats and talk to my friends.

Insta: @makadactyl

Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards is a writer, director and producer.  She has her own production company Ragged Crow, and recently won at LISFF with horror short ’Sorrow'.  She wrote & produced the indie feature ’Stealing Elvis', and has written ’Sodium’ a volume of poetry, and ’Narcosis’ a novel about scuba diving and gunrunning.  She is currently a student on the MFA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck where she is working on a novel about a woman with PTSD who lives in a haunted house.

Insta: @iamsamedwards


Olivia Mangione

My name is Olivia and I am a Seattle based designer and illustrator. I have worked for Seattle Children's Theatre, Seattle Rep, the Chatty Broads Podcast, and Nuun Hydration. I like to spend my free time (pre-covid) performing and writing sketch, improv and stand-up comedy. I am currently working on illustration and animation for music videos and I hope to continue working in the entertainment industry for musicians and comedians!

Insta: @oliviamangione


Woman to Woman by Yum-Yum Halls-Holmsen

I like to think of myself as a creative usually with a leaning towards history or with a political twist and sometimes just plain silly! I used to be an actress and artist simultaneously over past decades; Mainly theatre and murals. Then I swapped to writing short stories, a Novella, Poetry and creating large canvases before becoming a ‘Senior Fragrance Sommelier’ for Penhaligon’s British Heritage Perfume House. 



Instagram:  yumzart32b 

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