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t'ART online: March Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.


Lou Brown a.k.a Good Strange Vibes

Hi! I'm Lou (they/them), the queer artist behind the Instagram account @goodstrangevibes. I create illustrations to make a difference in respect to mental health, body positivity and LGBTQ+ topics. A lot of my art stems from my academic insights, queer identity, past experience of an eating disorder and current experience of Anxiety and OCD. With sustainability in mind, I sell products including upcycled and standard tops, recycled notebooks, postcards, greeting cards, posters and original art. I also do freelance illustrations, workshops and collaborations - get in touch to find out more, I'd love to chat!

Website & shop:


Instagram: @goodstrangevibes

Life Drawing

Lucie Arnoux

Lucie is an artist, illustrator and co-founder of t'ART.


She says about this series, "Often, when we draw bodies, we draw what we think a body should be like. This is what a hand should look like, this is what a foot should look like. Life drawing is about focusing only on what we see, without interpretation. Each body, each model, is absolutely perfect. Trough the long and exhausting hours of life drawing, we can learn to discern and understand each line, each curve and angle that makes that body unlike any other. The model, the position, the light, is unique. If you don’t catch it, it’s gone. It’s about being entirely in the moment. I don’t meditate, but life drawing gets pretty close.

I have a lot of tenderness for these paintings. Through them I worshipped the body of a stranger."

Insta: @luciedrawsthings


Bodies in Lockdown

By Fox Al Rajim


My new photography series explores LGBTQIA+ sex and sexuality under lockdown, during the pandemic. With the rising challenges around mental health, isolation and loneliness, shutting down queer venues, and the strains on our relationships - many of us are finding being on our own challenging. It's no longer a priority for us to play with our bodies, feel sexual or connect with ourselves while we strive to survive.


The series uses Zoom as a way to create a window into a photographic play session in the bedrooms of LGBTQIA+ Londoners. For many its been the first time they've been able to feel "sexy", and sexually empowered - to be able to bring that feeling back into their bodies. Something that we’ve mostly lost during this period. 


I'm currently releasing an image a day from the series on my Instagram. The series is not currently featured in other digital and print publications, but is being submitted to others. 


Instagram link: 



My name is Fox Al Rajim, and I'm a trans/agender, queer, Pakistani immigrant to the UK. Additionally as a fat person of colour, with physical disabilities I have a body positive and sex positive approach to my photography. 


I've been photographing for 15 years, and once I came out myself, my work and focus shifted to the intersection of queer / LGBTQIA+ experiences, including sex and sexuality. I have been photographing in the queer kink and London drag scenes for the last 5 years. My main goal of my portraits is to make those of us who don't feel beautiful, to feel beautiful and empowered. 


I was previously known as Momo (of Momographs) before I came out as Agender and changed my name to reflect my identity. You can learn more about me on this feature at the Sex+ Zine (please note this uses some older information with my previous name). 

Insta: @mxfoxar


Simple Syrup

My name is Elin, but I create my illustrations under the pseudonym Simple Syrup. I’m a Berlin based digital illustrator originally from Australia. I started out creating my art mostly in the form of cartoons and comics as a therapeutic way for me to voice my frustrations with the world through satire and my work and style developed from there. In creating my illustrations I hope to address themes that others can relate to by drawing on my own experiences as a young woman and in doing this promote a message of solidarity and female empowerment.

Insta: @simplesyrup0

Sarah Jane Moon

Sarah Jane Moon is a painter who specialises in portraiture and figurative painting.

Her work explores identity, sexuality and gender presentation as well as interrogating formal painterly concerns.

She has exhibited with the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, New English Art Club and the New Zealand Portrait Gallery among others. She has been a recipient of the Arts Charitable Trust Award, the Bulldog Bursary for Portraiture and in 2020 was made a candidate for membership to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Her work has been featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Wallpaper*, Studio International and House & Garden Magazine.

Insta: @sarah_jane_moon