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t'ART online: December Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.


Ceara Coleman

Ceara Coleman is a Norwich based illustrator inspired by pop culture, fashion and everyday musings. She often creates characters inspired by herself and women around her to convey narrative in her work which is usually digital or screen printed.

You can buy her art here:


Insta: @cear_a_art

Poetry and Art


I’m Tala, a 23 year old writer based in the South-West. I write poetry based on my own experiences, themes such as identity, sexuality and love. I’ve just started creating original prints and have and Etsy!

Check out Tala's Etsy here:

Insta: @talawrites



I'm Prachi, a 21-year old literature student from New Delhi, India. The poem attached below is an attempt on my part to understand the plight and pleasure of freedom, and what it means to be exiled from a structural existence.

Instagram: @portraitofanage

t'ART insta (21).png
t'ART insta (22).png

Sally Mata

I'm a 38 year old girl from the South of France, working in a concert place, loving comics, music and pasta! I'm drawing for fun and sometimes i glue some stuff on walls where i live or in Italy, where i used to lived ! I volunteers in many many associations, I'm a mom of two year old girl and i like t'ART Mag :)

Insta: @matanovergogna


amelia brown

As well as making t'ART mag, I love to writer draw and talk about queer theory. These drawings came out of long lockdown weekends when we weren't allowed out of the house, and a desire (which I have now fulfilled) to cut my hair!

Some of my prints are available to buy to raise money for the printing of the magazine here:

Insta: @amelialbrown

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