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We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.

t'ART online: June Edition
t'ART online: June Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.



Hi my name is Renée! I grew up in a small town right outside of Albany, New York. I think the most notable thing about my art, other than the slew of colors, is the use of skulls & skeletons. Although I enjoy macabre art, I use these symbols for a different reason. My identity is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, from feeling a deep sense of loneliness as a child to being a terribly self conscious teenager. I never felt right in my body, and that along with other things led me to a dark period in life. I started to use creativity as my communication. It became a sacred space for me to delve deeper into my own mind and feel things again. Instead of harping over the perfection and prettiness of a portrait, I used skeletons to express my thoughts. In the end art isn’t always about pretty things, it’s about who you are. I hope that my art brightens people’s day with a little dose of color, and reminds everyone that darkness and lightness are nothing without each other. 


Insta: @rmbrdesigns



I am Toni, a joyful, lively 26 year old illustration designer from Berlin. I just graduated from university and the pandemic situation hit me hard, but hell no, I am not getting myself down. Over the past few years, my skills have developed from really clean and smooth lines to dirty and rough sketches, jumping back and forth, but never losing my authenticity. My main goal is to be creatively provocative until society stops being offended and having heart attacks because of painted period blood, body hair or a simple vulva.



Jess Birch

Hi my name is Jess and I'm a digital illustrator and Architectural Assistant based in North London. My illustrations focus on a lot of still life and botanical themes as well as self love and people enjoying their space, which I hope a lot of people can relate to and find comfort in! I really enjoy bringing a lot of colour into my work, making my art very bold and vibrant! My creativity grew a lot over lockdown when I started to share my work. I've also started selling my art as prints and tote bags on my Etsy store.


Both Orphans (live at Clares)Elspeth Anne
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In MaiElspeth Anne
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Elspeth Anne

Elspeth Anne is a  singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, based on the Welsh borders. Musically she weaves folk, punk and country influences into a dark cloth of voice-focused psych-drone-chants. In her art the same themes come through in a different form - the power of nature, healing, feeling, supernatural matters, pain & growth. She is currently working on her third album, due for release in late 2021.

Support her work at: and

Insta: @elspeth.a

JeanoElspeth Anne
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Brittany Keller

Hi, I’m Brittany Keller. UX designer by day, illustrator by night. I have always loved art, and over the pandemic I decided to take it to Instagram. I love using art to connect with others and give my creativity a place to grow and thrive. 

Insta: @brittanykellerart

english rose resistance by Bethany-Rose Robertson

My name is Bethany-Rose, and I am an English student from London. I love to write poetry and particularly like to focus on channelling lived experiences into my poems, often enmeshing them with metaphors from nature and city life; I believe the beauty in poetry can often be found in hidden meanings. I have recently started piecing together a series on abusive relationships and the cyclical nature they so often undertake, which sadly is the reason they often continue as long as they do. This specific poem looks to the cyclical relations between the seasons, focusing in on the life and subsequent death of a rose bloomed in spring and wilted in the winter. It uses the golden shovel method which takes a line from another poem and uses each word as the end of the lines in an entirely original poem, this one references Robert Frost. Underneath the eco-centric foreground of the poem, I begin to move beyond the natural world and touch on themes of manipulation, the body, soul and realisation of worth. I often find that by personifying natural forms you can reframe sometimes complicated and confusing experiences and see them in a way that feels tangible, universal and clarified. There seems to be a societal normalisation of the toxicity found in abusive relationships. I think it is important that we reclaim and rewrite this narrative with self-love and mental health at the heart of the matter. 



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