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t'ART online: November Edition

We accept submissions to t'ART online on a rolling basis and would love to see your work! Find out how to submit and what we are looking for here.


the meadow mind

The work of the meadow mind revolves around groups of women revelling in all the stress, boredom, terror, uncertainty and rage life has to offer. The meadow mind offsets the miserable characters with garish colours and spatter the images with common place items with unhappy twists such as mobile phones featuring unread, demanding messages, empty coin purses and i.o.u notes, empty glasses and bank cards all entwined within wild flowers and foliage, grown from the very depths of the meadow mind.

The meadow mind fills their  paintings with as much detail as possible to enrich the story of misery that is solely counterbalanced by the feel of comradery between the characters.


Insta: @themeadowmind


Sam Bruce

Sam Bruce is a London based Poet and Illustrator, mainly focusing on absolutely nothing.


"Hi Sam here! Covid’s stripped my social skills and I’m surprised I can even string a sentence together. Thank you for having me."

Insta: @aqueerpoet


How to Have Sex in (the imminent second) Lockdown

By Alex Beighton

Comedian Alex Beighton was birthed out of the Soho Theatre Stand Up Comedy Labs kicking, screaming and covered in amniotic fluid. It was there she learnt how to make gay things funny and funny things gay.

Insta: @alexwbeighton



Myweirdart is an artist and a scientist. In her research she studied the degradation of oil paint using mathematical modeling, which was a perfect topic where she could combine both of her passions: math and art. She mainly uses watercolor and oil paint to create abstract and surreal pieces. Watercolor is an experimental medium, which she uses on a daily basis. Some of the successful watercolor experiments are further recreated on bigger canvas with oil paint.

Insta: @myweirdart_


Ru's Nudes

Ru’s Nudes, known as @badgrl.ruru on social media sites, is a campaign to promote the realistic, honest and destigmised representation of womxn’s bodies in art form, to reflect the forms of art they truly are. It began as a body positivity and empowerment movement which has grown and developed into an angry fight against the impermissibility of female sexuality and the policing of womxn's bodies.


The following images are part of three difference campaigns:


1&2. In solidarity with the Polish Women's Pro abortion protest

3. Feminist is not a dirty word 

4&5. Watercolour ladies: womxn supporting womxn 

Insta: @badgrl.ruru


Poems By Alanna Duffield

Alanna Duffield is a London-based creative writer and professional copywriter with a MA and BA Hons in English and American literature.

Inspired by the Sussex countryside where she grew up, Alanna’s writing frequently explores themes of nature, womanhood, grief and sex. 

Her writing has been published by Dear Damsels, Candiid Magazine, Revolution Publishing and features on Spotify.

In her spare time, Alanna is a published illustrator and hairy dog enthusiast.   

Insta: @alannaduffieldpoetry

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Harry Chapman

Harry is a 19 year old photographer from Bristol in the UK.

Stuck At Home


Harry says, "This series was taken on a camcorder using D.V. tape from when I first was brought back home from uni to lockdown with my family. This period was really hard for me, as I had gone from an environment where I could be my visibly queer self to a place where I couldn't express this. I pretty much became nocturnal, and recorded how I felt using this camcorder - something I found in a cupboard and had been used before I was born to make home videos on. These were all done at night, putting myself in some of the images, as well as just framing abstract features of my house that reflected a grey, flat and trapped feeling. These themes are heightened with the way my house back home isn't finished yet, adding to the uncomplete/bleakness I was feeling.

VE Day

Harry says, "This second series is from over lockdown when I was looking after my Gran who was all by herself. Over this period was V.E. Day, which if you don't know is the anniversary of the end of the WW2 in europe, and seeing as we were in a very concervative/Tory part of England, there are block parties and people put up bunting and have street parties. Anyway, I became really angry when I found out that they were still wanting to have these street parties even with Corona going on and the government saying that large gatherings would/should be broken up. This was also during the time when the UK media were demonising the BLM marches in the UK, saying that they will cause huge spikes in covid out-breaks (which was completely lies and didn't happen). Anyway, I wanted to document this V.E. Day street party by secretly filming the goings on on an old camcorder while people weren't looking, as I was angry at how just because these people were all white, cis, straight and very rich, they knew they could get away with shairing cake/drinks/not being 2 metres apart. I also wanted to communicate my feelings towards my Gran, as I wanted to protect her/show her vulnerability all while everyone else was putting her in danger.
Because it is shot on actual tape, some of the frames I selected are a bit glitched out, and the general aesthetic is flat and grey - with this grim lowfi look trying to be a subversive twist on the happy family camcorder/fun memories into something a bit darker.

Insta: @vi_olo