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t'ART online: December Edition

Ankita Sharma

A writer and an artist, Ankita Sharma resides in India. She has authored five titles. Her poems and stories have been published in various anthologies and lit mags including 3moonmag, BRAG, Versification, Green Ink Poetry, Sunnyg (radio show) and others. Her artworks have appeared on the cover pages of a few Indian and international books.

Title 1 - Our Medusa Transition

Year - 2021

Medium - Mixed (color pencil, gel and sketch pen) on A4 Black card paper 

Dimensions - A4 72 dpi 595 * 841 pixels (can be changed)

Concept Note - Building upon the famous painting 'Medusa' (1956) by the great Italian painter Caravaggio, this mixed media artwork presents 'Medusa', the Greek mythological enigma in a new light. Just like her degeneration from a beautiful woman to a dreadful and tortured creatureour modern lifestyle and development have forced our planet into a similar state. 


Title 2 - 'I Dream of Wanderlust' 

Year - 2021

Dimensions - 2480 x 1748 pixels 300 dpi

Medium - Mixed (color pencil, acrylics, gel, fineliner and sketch pens) on 140 gsm white A4 drawing paper

Concept Note -  We all have dreams to travel around the globe but chores and responsibilities of life eat up all the precious time. We,  however, travel in our dream or dream of travel.

Instagram- ankita.s.26 

Twitter- AnkitaSharma_26


Hannah-Rose Tristram

Hannah-Rose is an LGBTQIA+ choir leader, singing teacher, voice actor, musician, yoga teacher and creative, who loves to write about and express all aspects of humanity. She cares passionately about creating inclusive spaces in which people can flourish. You can find out more about Hannah-Rose's work at getbrightonsinging.com

Instagram: @hannah_rose_ra

The LibraCosette Gobat
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Kaci Rose

I'm a 19 year old photographer and artist, who loves to explore all types of art in a variety of forms, including sexuality and Feminism. All forms of art helps people come together and explore each others emotions and understanding of the world, and how we should all respect eachothers human rights and freedom. 

Instagram: @killerphotos_3


Celine Anne O'Donovan

Celine is not a new writer, but she is new to sharing her work. Her poem “Eden” expresses the period in which she detangled her feelings of rejection after a significant breakup from her views about herself. In the last few years, developing her relationship with her “self” in the context of romantic relationships has been a priority for Celine. This is something which she feels is central to the queer experience and, by extension, to much queer art. 


Outside of writing, Celine is an environmental and humanitarian lawyer, living in London. 

Instagram: @celineanne24


Cormac Mc Ateer

Cormac Mc Ateer takes a uniquely imaginative approach to portraiture. An eclectic range of influences from Popular Culture to German Expressionism inform a charged, expressive style. Jaded, awkwardly placed subjects stare out from garish Pop landscapes and give Cormac's work a haunting, plastic quality. Surfaces are worked over with frenetic energy with paintings often ripped up and assembled into new ones. Finding poignancy in the cartoonish, finding spirit in the grotesque, rediscovering naivety within the synthetic, the surfaces of Cormac’s paintings are unusual places, where the contradictory can merge and find a brief, strange harmony. Cormac has previously worked as a commercial illustrator, animator and Art educator before committing full time to his own practice.


Instagram: @cormac.mc.ateer Website: cormacmcateer.com'

Art & Poetry

Abigail Igbokwe

My name is Abigail Igbokwe


31 Queer Poc

Self taught artist

And I adore writing too.

My style is basically anything that feels right in the moment.

I work in the charity sector 

Hobbies include: swimming, cycling, cooking, graphic design, writing, drinking wine & whisky.


Instagram: @abigailalice.art