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Queeriosities Fair is Back this Winter

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Haggerston's Museum of the Home will host the Winter edition of curator Davy Pittoors’s Queeriosities fair on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December 2023. Building on the success of May’s inaugural event, the fair will again invite LGBTQIA+ artists, makers, and small businesses to come together and share work that explores the relationship between identity and home.

This Winter edition of Queeriosities will play on the concept of a traditional festive market, featuring 48 vendors offering a unique selection of thought-provoking ceramics, paintings, sculpture, textiles, books, ephemera, homeware and gifts. Visitors will be able to either purchase directly from artists and makers — or bring their own art, objects or ephemera to swap. Participants will include artists Rachael House, Krishna Shanthi, Urania London, Peter Ibruegger, Will Martin, Radek Husak, and Forma Editions.

“The vibrant group of artists and makers I’ve brought together for this Winter edition of Queeriosities are among the most exciting emerging LGBTQIA+ creatives from London and beyond,” says Davy. “Queer stories often get sidelined or lost in history — and this fair helps ensure the spread and circulation of our objects, art, and ephemera across people’s lives.”

On Friday 1st December, the Museum will host a launch event offering advance access to the work on show and the opportunity to meet artists and makers ahead of the fair’s official opening the next day. On Sunday 3rd December, Davy will moderate a panel discussion exploring themes of queer design and craft as an act of care. Davy will be joined by Dr. Daniel Fountain, editor of Crafted with Pride and Ben Walters, founder of Badge Cafe and hand-weaver and textile artist, Jacob Monk.

The fair will also feature an audio-visual piece by Semi Precious and Yasmin Vardi, and an interactive badge making workshop. Alongside Queeriosities, the Museum will also actively gather objects and testimonies bearing witness to queer home-making as part of their Real Rooms project. Focussing on wider themes such as chosen family, shared housing, squatting and regional migration, visitors to the fair will be able to talk to a curator about the ever growing archive of LGBTQIA+ stories and objects present at the Museum.

From top left to bottom right: Daisy Blower | Christopher Lian | Beau | Ben Sutton

“At the Museum of the Home, our Rooms Through Time aim to bring out voices and stories that are otherwise missing, and Queeriosities provides an excellent opportunity for the queer community to leave their mark on the curation of our future 2000s room and the direction of the museum’s collecting,” says the Museum's director Sonia Solicari. “We’re also thrilled to bring the fair back to the Museum of the Home as a way for the queer community to come together and connect.”

Queeriosities is taking place at Museum of the Home, 1st - 3rd December. Book your ticket here.

In the leadup to the fair Davy is also hosting a dinner series 'The Leftovers' on 17th & 18th November at the Museum, blurring the lines between high art and domestic craft, and asking the question: "What makes a queer home?" You can find out more about this event, and get your tickets, here.

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